Professional Coaching

“When the mind, body, and spirit work together, I believe anything is possible.”
– Criss Angel –


What is coaching?
Coaching is a form of development in which a coach supports a client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance.
The goal of coaching is to unlock a client’s potential to maximize their performance.

Evolve coaching practise
I am helping my clients to change – to achieve their personal best and to achieve the results they want in their personal and professional lives.
The essence of my coaching practice:
– To help a client to change in the way they wish and helping them go in the direction they want to go
– To supports a client at every level in becoming who they want to be
– To build awareness empowers choice and leads to change

Intro coaching

Lifestyle Coaching

What is it?
In this coaching we are looking at you as “a whole person” and considering bio-psycho-social perspective:
Bio = how is your body functioning, what are your unique specifics?
Psycho = what is your state of mind?
Social = how does your social network look like?
The focus areas are determined based on the formulated goal of coaching

When to choose?
You want to change in more areas of your life, for example:
Your daily routine
Your sleeping patterns
Your nutrition and timing of it
Physical activity and timing of it
Work – private life balance


What is it?
Focus primarily on behaviour changes that support health & wellbeing
Behaviour = the way we act or react under specific circumstances
Behaviour coaching uses a systematic method based on core principles to help a client changing in identified and desired areas:
– Identifying the behaviour desired to be changed
– Defining a stage of “readiness for a change”
Every coaching plan is tailor-made to the individual client’s needs
The focus areas are determined based on the formulated goal of coaching

When to choose?
Very effective in a nutrition area, for example while:
Losing weight
Body recomposition (changing proportions of fat & muscles)
Eliminating emotional eating
Eliminating bad food choices
While dealing with “bad habits”:
Alcohol consumption
Going to sleep very late
Working too long hours
When you want to change your reaction to certain things – getting angry, stressed, nervous, sad, etc.


What is it?
A very specific coaching & advisory focused on how to organize your day-to-day activities and time to realize your goal.
The focus is on utilizing the time in a most efficient way and to perform the activities at the best times for you.

When to choose this coaching?
Your goal is not to change your lifestyle in a broad sense but to create space for activities you want to perform reaching your goals.
Examples of subjects to cover:
– Determine the fix training days and times which are the best for your situation
– Food preparation planning to support your (healthy) diet
– Zoom-in your travelling pattern and optimise where possible
– Detect “wasted time” – e.g., time spent on the social media and use it for a good purpose
– Other personalized tips and tricks to supporting your successful path towards your goals

Time management

CAREER Coaching

Career coaching

What is it?
Coaching that focuses on your professional life – work related choices, a career path
Helping you to make the right career choices for you
Using systematic methods and techniques that empower you with facts needed for decision making

When to choose?
When you are not completely happy at your current work, but you don’t know what is it that you want to do next
You want to recapitulate your qualities and competencies and affirm about your strengths and development areas
You want to understand your drivers and preferences (what gives you energy and why)
You want to collect a factual base for your own decision making

“Only action creates change…