Evolve Yourself
“My mission is to make you move and
get stronger both mentally and physically
and to empower you to move your
personal journey forward.”
My Story


Hi here, I am Adéla,

Thank you for reading my story. I am Czech, living as of 2003 in Holland. It is my pleasure to share my passion, knowledge and experience through training, coaching, guiding, and motivating others to reach and maintain healthy lifestyle and its amazing benefits.

I am “a people person”, seeing others improving, feeling better and reaching their goals makes me happy and fulfilled.

A continuous development, both mental and physical and challenging myself with achieving goals are life-long values to me.

I have always been a passionate sport’s woman. I am also a food lover. I always trained hard but not always ate right.

I learned from my own experience that only a change in a total lifestyle brings sustainable long-term benefits.

It was not easy for me to make the changes at first but once I started realizing how amazing I feel when I am on my ideal weight, fit, eating healthy and balanced in my mind, I always thrive to be in my “sweet spot”.

Adela about me 2
Adela about me 3

I am a strong promoter of a resistance training. Since my teen-age, gym and weight training are my comfort zone, I love to train heavy and hard.

Only during my sport’s education, when I learned the scientific rationale behind, I realized how lucky I am.

The resistance training is very important for our health and figure, and for a quality of movement and life, especially while aging.

In years I noticed that the positive benefits of the resistance training are underestimated or neglected especially by women.



My biggest success in a bodybuilding so far is a 2nd place in a Dutch competition SAP Cup in Holland.
I competed in a category bikini fitness.

Next to that I participated in many running events, amongst others I completed 3 half-marathons.
I would always end-up in the first 30 % of the competing women.

Adela kvv voorbeeld

In 2020 I appeared on a cover of a Dutch magazine dedicated to a resistance training for women – Krachttraining voor Vrouwen.

In the cover story I shared my fitness journey up to a bodybuilding competition.

As of 2020 I am also a regular publisher in this magazine, covering all different aspects of training and nutrition.

I am also preparing training and materials targeted specifically to people with sedentary jobs or lifestyles.

My signature presentation is called “Impact of sedentary lifestyle on our body and health”, being the eye opener to make changes and to move more.

Professional qualifications & memberships

Professional qualifications:

Certified Personal Trainer (NASM, EREPS level 4, highest rank)

A professional coach (NOBCO, EIA accreditation candidate)

Precision Nutrition (candidate)

Master’s degree in economics

Professional memberships:

EREPS (European Register of Sports Professional)

NBBF (Dutch Bodybuilding association)

Professional qualifications 2
Adela about me 4

What are the super-powers that I am bringing into my practise and work with my clients?

Energy & Passion

Discipline & Determination

Inspiration & Motivation

Strong results orientation

Which skills I am using in my practise and during the work with my clients?

Systematic and structured approach

Step-by-step adoption

Tailor made, “whole person” solutions

Evidence based coaching and training

Scientifically proven methods & techniques

Adela qualities

I speak and provide my services in 3 languages based on a customer choice – Czech, English and Dutch. I am also a good listener; I am curious about your story so I can prepare personalized coaching & training that fits you, your life, and your wishes.

With combining my passion for the resistance training and my qualities & skills, I enjoy operating in male dominated gyms and fitness studios and making women more comfortable there and benefit from this type of training too.